[MlMt] Can't get SMTP account functioning

diggle at contrawise.net diggle at contrawise.net
Sat Aug 28 20:46:42 EDT 2021

MailMate neophyte, here.  Though not a neophyte at setting up email
accounts.  After many years, I'm moving my email life from Mailsmith to
MailMate.  I have the incoming mail working nicely.  However, the SMTP
account is not working at all.  I'm not even getting error messages -
but I don't know for certain where I might find them in MailMate.  I
thought, perhaps, the activity monitor.  Seems nothing at all is
happening there when I attempt to send myself test messages.  Passwords
were installed via cut-&-paste, using the same password that was working
with my Mailsmith config.  I've tried all five SMTP port numbers my ISP
provided - two encrypted and three not.  Mailsmith was using one of the
unencrypted port numbers - probably because I couldn't get the encrypted
setup to work.  I know I tried.  My ISP (GoDaddy) just shrugs, and says
they have given me all the info they have for account setup.  [I'm about
ready to look for another ISP, whether I manage to get this working with
them, or not.]

I'm assuming I've overlooked the manual's discussion of error messages,
somehow.  I sawa one message, after the first test massage failed to
send, saying the message had failed.  Didn't notice whether it had an
error message attached or not, at the time.  Tried to find that message
later, and couldn't.  Haven't seen another message like that one after
any of the dozen or so test messages I have sent to myself since.

Thanks in advance for any wisdom anyone may provide.

Roger Diggle

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