[MlMt] Feature Request: Defer sending by default

Robert Brenstein mailmate at learning-insights.eu
Thu Aug 26 05:55:53 EDT 2021

I have sending of all my emails delayed by 10 mins by default, so yes, 
there is such a setting. If you click the sandwich menu in the second 
row of the editor window, you can make the “Send later” field 
visible (you can set it to be always visible). You can set the default 
value but still change it for any message when composing.

On 26 Aug 2021, at 11:30, Stephan Bösebeck wrote:

> Hi,
> Just an idea, that might be interesting for others. If by default the 
> sending of emails could be defered by 5 minutes, you could cancel a 
> sent email, especially if you hit sent accidentally. Would be great, 
> if we had a setting for that as well.
> Or is that already possible and I am missing it somehow...
> Cheers,
> Stephan
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