[MlMt] What controls physical deletion of mails from MailMate?

Raza Rizvi raz at raz.org
Wed Aug 25 12:29:08 EDT 2021

Sorry to yet again reply to my own message. The issue remains but until 
just now, the messages were deleted if I switched to another 
mailbox/smart mailbox.

Which made me remember that in a mail on the 25th September 2020 Benny 
told me about
	defaults write com.freron.MailMate MmAutomaticExpungeBehavior -string 

(which is not listed on 

The other value is “Never”

I checked my MailMate hidden defaults and there was no entity called 
MmAutomaticExpungeBehavior but I clearly had set it in Sept 2020 and it 
must have been set as that was the behaviour I was seeing.

Setting it to “Never” or indeed back to "mailboxSwitch" makes no 
difference, the mails are deleted immediately after being marked as 
deleted because I have the (also not documented on the Hidden 
preferences page)

	MmDeleteBehavior -string "markAsDeleted"

I think these preferences must have disappeared when a build removed the 
Experimental 2.0 preference in the General pane. But the documentation 
suggests this was AGES ago. But I refer to it back in September 2020 so 
I must have seen and switched it on.

(I have of course restarted MailMate in between changes of the defaults)

Anyone else got any clue what is going on!


On 25 Aug 2021, at 13:20, Raza Rizvi wrote:

> As an update to this - the expected normal behaviour has returned. 
> Though I am conscious of changing nothing in MailMate or fast mail. 
> Deleted mails are shown in MailMate as deleted (red dot) and they are 
> not being automatically expunged.
> All very mysterious!
> Raza
> On 16 Aug 2021, at 16:32, Raza Rizvi wrote:
>> Hello,
>> Usually in my mail clients I see deleted mails either as struck 
>> through or in red, pending me to get round to running an Expunge.
>> In MailMate I used to see such deleted mails with a red dot marker. I 
>> noticed a little while ago that mails deleted on a Tuffmail account 
>> appeared to be deleted immediately/nearly immediately. I figured this 
>> was a change in the handling of such messages on the Fastmail side as 
>> they started their path to ceasing operations in Jan 2022.
>> Now I am noticing this with FastMail (to whom I am moving my message 
>> store). This suggests it is something I am doing wrong.
>> I can’t see anything in MailMate or the FastMail preferences that 
>> controls the immediate deletion or otherwise of IMAP flagged deleted 
>> emails (as you see in the IMAP settings for Google accounts).
>> It happens regardless of whether I use the bin icon or the delete 
>> key. Mails do not appear in the Deleted Messages folder within 
>> MailMate.
>> I can’t see a relevant hidden preference I might have accidentally 
>> toggled. What am I missing?
>> Raza
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