[MlMt] IMAP Port logic

Nicolas Mitchell nicolasmitchell at mac.com
Wed Aug 18 17:16:24 EDT 2021

Marc ARC wrote on 18/08/2021 20:22:
> Thanks for the info but any idea how MM behaves ?
> Does MM use 993 when “Require SSL” is checked ?
> Would that be a “logical” behaviour ?
I have require SSL checked for my provider. A Wireshark capture showed 
connections to both, but predominantly (like 99% of the captured 
packets) to 143. A second capture, after quitting and re-starting 
Mailmate showed connections to 143 only. I feel someone with more 
expertise could step in here, but I'm going to guess that those 993 
connections were connected to certificate(s); and since I started 
Mailmate and a second capture almost immediately after my first capture, 
Mailmate's trust of the certificates remained intact, hence no further 
connections to port 993 were required.

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