[MlMt] Getting SpamSieve to work with Junk folder of source account

Gavan Schneider list.gavan at galeel.com
Thu Aug 5 17:11:26 EDT 2021

On 5 Aug 2021, at 22:37, Verdon Vaillancourt wrote:

> It sounds like that account is filtering for spam/junk one the server, so it never arrives to MailMate for SpamSieve filtering. If I am right, you would have to disable filtering on the server and let your local SpamSieve deal with it. The server is likely adding headers for whatever filtering it is doing, so if all you’re looking for is headers to sort by, or whatever, something may already be there.
I am certain you are right… the server is doing the filtering, e.g.,
	X-RazorGate-Vade-Verdict: spam 300
	X-RazorGate-Vade-Classification: phishing
Applied against  a “balance update” message from a major credit card company.

This is why I am asking about what more I need to do in MailMate to undo this and let SpamSieve decide… fixing the spam filtering at the server is not an option.

Gavan Schneider
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