[MlMt] Some mails are shown twice in the inbox

Robert M. Münch robert.muench at saphirion.com
Fri Apr 16 17:32:21 EDT 2021

On 16 Apr 2021, at 19:02, Charlie Clark wrote:

> I occasionally see e-mail for a smart mailbox in my inbox, when it's not supposed to be. Switching folders generally resolves this. I don't use Gmail but, as long as nothing is being moved, I don't think it should matter.
> I have seen race conditions where rules to move mails in both MailMate and FairEMail on my phone both want to do the same thing and this definitely can lead to duplicate mail.

Eventually, I solved the mystery.

The duplicate messages have different Msg IDs, which made me suspicious. Hence, I add the "Source Mailbox" to my list view and found out that the duplicate emails had different source Mailboxes.

The duplication showed up because I used "All Messages" (which include all source mailboxes) and not only to "Inbox" (which is only the Inbox mailbox from Gmail) as a parameter to the setting "of the following mailboxes."

And the root cause was that a CRM system I use created a new Gmail mailbox for keeping track of email communication.

This mail duplication effect is an excellent example of several side-effects forming a situation not intended at all but still possible to achieve.


Robert M. Münch

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