[MlMt] Allow spacebar to move to older message instead of newer

Richard Spiers richard.spiers at gmail.com
Fri Oct 16 12:41:53 EDT 2020

Hi all

I keep my mailboxes sorted with newest / latest email at the top, and would
like to use spacebar to move through all my unread mail - scrolling the
newest email and then moving to the next message (slightly older).

The current shortcut for spacebar only works if I scroll down to the end of
my mail, and start working my way up - this is the reverse of the behaviour
I'd like.

Anybody have a suggestion of how this can be accomplished ?

The options for MmMessagesOutlineMoveStrategy do not appear to do anything

Not sure if it would require something like a
scrollPageDownOrPreviousMessage instead of the current
scrollPageDownOrNextMessage or a flag to switch the direction ?

Kind regards
Richard Spiers
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