[MlMt] Smart Mailbox - include submailbox

Martin S Taylor mailmate at martinstaylor.com
Fri Oct 16 04:15:35 EDT 2020

On 16 Oct 2020, at 8:59, Charlie Clark wrote:

> On 16 Oct 2020, at 9:38, Martin S Taylor wrote:
>> On 16 Oct 2020, at 0:27, Robert Brenstein wrote:
>> I have never tried putting regular IMAP mailboxes into a smart 
>> mailbox. It seems counter-intuitive to me.
>> I don't see why. Suppose I have a IMAP mailbox called TopLevel, which 
>> contains SecondLevel1, SecondLevel2, and SecondLevel3, and 
>> SecondLevel1 contains ThirdLevel1 and ThirdLevel2. How can I set up a 
>> smart mailbox which contains only, say, the emails which are inside 
>> SecondLevel3 or ThirdLevel2? Or for that matter, how can I set up a 
>> smart mailbox which contains all the emails in TopLevel and its 
>> nested sub-mailboxes?
>> I believe that the key is that no source mailboxes are selected and 
>> no conditions are set for the mailbox with that checkbox set.
>> Sorry, I don't understand this. Could you clarify?
> Some of the terms used in MailMate can be confusing: Mailbox can be 
> both a folder and an account.

Yes, it is confusing, although I think I'd worked it out. Might it not 
be an idea for everyone to carefully differentiate, and refer to a 
'Mailbox' or an 'Account', both in discussions and in the documentation?

> One of the less well documented features are "dumb" folders: these are 
> simply used as containers for smart mailboxes. For example: I have one 
> called "Contacts" that contains various smart mailboxes for various 
> people. But the same could be true for a company or a project. 
> Sometimes you might want to be able to see all the e-mail contained in 
> the sub-folders at the top-level and that is where the switch is 
> useful.

Thanks. I think I understand what you're saying but I still don't see 
how it solves what seems to me a very basic problem. In my example 
above, it is possible to have one smart mailbox which shows all and only 
the messages in, say, SecondLevel1, ThirdLevel1 and Thirdlevel2?

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