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Martin S Taylor mailmate at martinstaylor.com
Thu Oct 8 16:31:04 EDT 2020


On 8 Oct 2020, at 16:15, Charlie Clark wrote:

> Some people have implemented and, even better, documented some 
> sophisticated workflows in MailMate. Worth trawling the archives for 
> some of these.

If you know of any you can point to easily, I'd be interested.

When deciding to test MailMate I read a review (damned if I can find it) 
from someone who said he found MailMate really powerful once he'd got 
away from his reliance on local mailboxes. I have a ton of local 
mailboxes which I've always relied on, and I'd love to know how not to 
rely on them but to use IMAP instead.


Martin S Taylor

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