[MlMt] Modifying Reply Date Format

Pete Resnick resnick at episteme.net
Wed Jun 10 20:09:16 EDT 2020

On 10 Jun 2020, at 18:46, Charlie Garrison wrote:

> On 11 Jun 2020, at 4:30, MlMt at rhp.tw wrote:
>> When one replies to an email, MailMate formats the date/time like 
>> so `On 10 Jun 2020, at 16:18...` While I understand that is how 
>> most of the world references dates and times, I am one of those 
>> uncouth Americans and wondering if there is a way to change the 
>> format? 
> Please don't change it to all numbers; at best, US dates can be 
> ambiguous, and can be downright misleading if used for anything 
> important (like restoring from backups, and getting wrong backup 
> because arrogant company assumes everyone is American). Basically, use 
> any format you like, as long as it can only be interpreted one way. 
> Ambiguity leads to pain which leads to loss of income; just don't do 
> it.

Charlie: First, do note that this is for the intro line in the message, 
not the Date: header field, which would be used for the important stuff. 
The Date: field is formatted unambiguously as part of the protocol. For 
the intro bit, it's already ambiguous in that it doesn't include the 
time zone, so no need to get too fussy about that part.

Also, totally numeric is OK if you follow RFC 3339, which has a nice 
format of yyyy-mm-dd. Even though you could switch month and day, even 
us stupid Americans don't usually do that when the year comes first; 
it's so unusual to have the year first, that we generally figure out 
that the month comes next. ;-)

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