[MlMt] sync bug

Andrew Canion andrew at andrewcanion.com
Fri Nov 22 07:31:46 EST 2019

I can’t offer a solution; the only thing I can offer is sympathy for 
the problem. I tried using MailMate with my Exchange (Office 365) 
account but had to give up because of sync problems, duplicates, etc. It 
all became too unreliable. It’s a shame, because the Markdown features 
were really helping me.

I still use MailMate with my Fastmail account which works perfectly.

I blame Microsoft.

Andrew Canion

On 21 Nov 2019, at 19:10, Alain Israel wrote:

> Follow up : what happens is that what I do in Mailmate no longer seems 
> to be reflected on the server (as far as I understand) : if I delete 
> or move a message in mailmate, it is not deleted nor moved when I open 
> another mail client (Outlook on the Mac, or Preside on my iphone). How 
> is that possible, and how can it be corrected?
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