[MlMt] sync bug

Alain Israel aisrael at pasteur.fr
Thu Nov 21 06:10:13 EST 2019

Follow up : what happens is that what I do in Mailmate no longer seems 
to be reflected on the server (as far as I understand) : if I delete or 
move a message in mailmate, it is not deleted nor moved when I open 
another mail client (Outlook on the Mac, or Preside on my iphone). How 
is that possible, and how can it be corrected?


Dear Bill, thank you for the explanations.
>> This weekend when I launched Mailmate, I got the following warning 
>> (attached). All my mailboxes (and I have a great number) got 
>> desynchronized, and take forever (and even more) to resynchronize 
>> (and I suspect I will get the same problem the next time I launch 
>> Mailmate).
> Probably not.

In fact I experienced the same problem each time I relaunch Mailmate, or 
restart the computer, which sounds weird I agree. In fact what possibly 
happens is that each time I restart, a new mailbox send me an error 
message (I did not follow carefully which mailbox sends me an error 
message), and that will last until all mailboxes are synced again. 
Hopefully once re-synced, they will remain so.
> UIDVALIDITY is a tag used by an IMAP server to alert clients when the 
> UID values for messages in a mailbox may have changed. Nothing a 
> client like MM does can cause a mailbox's UIDVALIDITY value to change 
> and when that value changes there is no reliable strategy for a client 
> other than to fully resynch the mailbox.
> The most common reason for UIDVALIDITY to change is if a server has 
> had some sort of failure that required a rebuild of mailboxes. For 
> Exchange servers, it also is rumored to happen whenever the mail admin 
> sneezes.

My server is indeed Exchange-based, but there is nothing I can do about 
it. I finally did not reinstall Mailmate, and I am just waiting for 
every mailbox to re-sync. Since I have more than 400 (exported from a 
previous email client), it takes forever. It seems I have to open a 
mailbox to force it to sync; Would there be a way to re-sync all my 
mailboxes with a single instruction?

>> What is the best solution to solve the problem? Reinstall Mailmate? 
>> Anything else?
> No, do not reinstall MailMate. MailMate didn't cause this and cannot 
> prevent it.
>> My other mail clients seem to work OK.
>> Importantly, the same problem happened when I opened Mailmate on 2 
>> different computers.
> Any IMAP client that maintains a persistent local cache of messages 
> MUST invalidate that cache when the UIDVALIDITY value of a mailbox 
> changes from what the client last saw. Some clients do not maintain 
> such a cache and many that do won't bother alerting the user when they 
> need to do a full resynch.
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