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Sun Jul 21 08:17:37 EDT 2019

On 24 Jun 2019, at 18:13, Alain Israel wrote:

> « Move to mail box » (very handy). I suspect the order of 
> appearance is the most recently opened? Can it be modified?

No, but MailMate learns any abbreviation you might use to get to a 
specific mailbox. In other words, MailMate can “learn” that “mm” 
means some “MailMate” IMAP mailbox.

> Currently I use »move to mailbox », then « go to (*same*) 
> mailbox », which is a bit redundant, despite the fact that I have 
> keyboard shortcuts for each. Anything that would streamline this would 
> be appreciated.

But you don't want to *always* go to the mailbox I guess.

>> Or maybe “Go to Mailbox” (⌘T) should, maybe optionally, always 
>> default to the location of the moved-to mailbox if that was the most 
>> recent action.
> Is this feasible?

Such a feature does not exist, but it could be implemented. MailMate 
could probably just review the undo-stack to find the information. It 
could even display the X most recently used mailboxes for “Move to” 

Would such a feature solve your use case? In most cases you would then 
need to hit ⌘T followed by enter to go to the mailbox. It seems more 
flexible since you then control when to do so instead of being forced 
after every move. It should, possibly, even be default behavior.

> In fact I don’t, as I have too many mailboxes.  But I am curious : 
> how can you define a key binding to move to a specific mailbox?

Select the mailbox in MailMate and use ⌘C to puts its identifier on 
the pasteboard.

Then create a key binding like this:

	"m" = ( "moveToMailbox:", "identitifer" );

You can also move relative to the IMAP account of the selected message:

	g = ( "moveToMailbox:", "/Special");

That would move an email to a mailbox named “Special” in the same 
account as the email.

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