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Alain Israel aisrael at pasteur.fr
Mon Jul 22 05:00:11 EDT 2019

Thanks Benny, you are right, I don’t want to *always* go to that 
mailbox. I realise that if this becomes the default behavior, it won’t 
be ideal either. In fact what I would need are 2 separate shortcuts to 
move messages  : one that works as currently, and a second one that 
opens the mailbox used to move my message. Since no other user seems to 
be fascinated by my request, please just forget about it, I guess you 
have more important modifications to implement.

However I will implement your final suggestion to at least improve the 
behavior for my most frequently used mailboxes.


On 21 Jul 2019, at 14:17, Benny Kjær Nielsen wrote:

> On 24 Jun 2019, at 18:13, Alain Israel wrote:
>> « Move to mail box » (very handy). I suspect the order of 
>> appearance is the most recently opened? Can it be modified?
> No, but MailMate learns any abbreviation you might use to get to a 
> specific mailbox. In other words, MailMate can “learn” that 
> “mm” means some “MailMate” IMAP mailbox.
>> Currently I use »move to mailbox », then « go to (*same*) 
>> mailbox », which is a bit redundant, despite the fact that I have 
>> keyboard shortcuts for each. Anything that would streamline this 
>> would be appreciated.
> But you don't want to *always* go to the mailbox I guess.
>>> Or maybe “Go to Mailbox” (⌘T) should, maybe optionally, always 
>>> default to the location of the moved-to mailbox if that was the most 
>>> recent action.
>> Is this feasible?
> Such a feature does not exist, but it could be implemented. MailMate 
> could probably just review the undo-stack to find the information. It 
> could even display the X most recently used mailboxes for “Move 
> to” actions.
> Would such a feature solve your use case? In most cases you would then 
> need to hit ⌘T followed by enter to go to the mailbox. It seems more 
> flexible since you then control when to do so instead of being forced 
> after every move. It should, possibly, even be default behavior.
>> In fact I don’t, as I have too many mailboxes.  But I am curious : 
>> how can you define a key binding to move to a specific mailbox?
> Select the mailbox in MailMate and use ⌘C to puts its identifier on 
> the pasteboard.
> Then create a key binding like this:
> 	"m" = ( "moveToMailbox:", "identitifer" );
> You can also move relative to the IMAP account of the selected 
> message:
> 	g = ( "moveToMailbox:", "/Special");
> That would move an email to a mailbox named “Special” in the same 
> account as the email.
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