[MlMt] Links to email messages

John Cooper mailmate at coopercontent.com
Thu Jan 31 11:30:13 EST 2019

Florian Heidenreich wrote (at 7:44 on 31 Jan 2019):

> I’m a software developer and I often get emails from users 
> describing feature requests or support issues. Some emails I can 
> answer right away, others involve a little bit more work. Some others 
> even cover issues that are not common to one person only, but 
> mentioned by several people.
> I keep a local system where I keep track of the emails regarding a 
> specific topic that requires some action. I can give a descriptive 
> title or some additional personal notes. Most of the time, it’s 
> developing a new feature or resolving an issue and having the linked 
> emails both as a references to the request/issue and a way to 
> follow-up on those things once they’re resolved.
> Maybe it’s a use case that’s very specific to me, but maybe not. I 
> like that I don’t need to copy email contents or addresses and have 
> a direct link into my mailbox.
> Kind regards
> — Florian

That makes perfect sense. Thanks, Florian.

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