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Robert Brenstein mailmate at learning-insights.eu
Thu Jan 31 10:51:03 EST 2019

On 31 Jan 2019, at 16:37, John Cooper wrote:

> Florian Heidenreich wrote (at 2:23 on 31 Jan 2019):
>> I’m often keeping track of specific conversations by creating a 
>> link to a specific email in another program by dragging the email to 
>> this program.
> This is meant as a general question, and not something for Florian 
> alone to answer: would you describe a situation in which you use this 
> kind of link?
> As it happens, in thirty years of using email, I've never used this 
> particular function, and I'm wondering about its possibilities.
> There would seem to be certain limitations. For example, you wouldn't 
> share this link with anyone else, because they wouldn't be able to 
> resolve it. The target message would also have to be retained on the 
> local system somewhere, right? Would the link continue to work even if 
> the message is in the Trash folder?
> Given that the links are effectively unsharable, the only use I can 
> think of offhand would be in lists or databases. But MailMate's smart 
> folders are so flexible that I can't think of why you wouldn't just 
> set one up in MailMate that would work just as well as an external 
> program. Thoughts?

Well, here is an example: I take advantage of such links coupling 
ToDoIst with MM. I get many emails that require me to do sth, often at 
some point in the future. Using the bundle that is available in MM, I 
schedule tasks in ToDoIst that contain a link to the email. When the 
tasks pops for a given day, I can click the link to quickly fetch the 
details of what I need to do or to send a reply that the task is done. 
Really, really handy. Yes, those links work only locally. They work for 
any mailbox as far as I can tell.

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