[MlMt] Links to email messages

John Cooper mailmate at coopercontent.com
Thu Jan 31 11:31:26 EST 2019

Robert Brenstein wrote (at 7:51 on 31 Jan 2019):

> Well, here is an example: I take advantage of such links coupling 
> ToDoIst with MM. I get many emails that require me to do sth, often at 
> some point in the future. Using the bundle that is available in MM, I 
> schedule tasks in ToDoIst that contain a link to the email. When the 
> tasks pops for a given day, I can click the link to quickly fetch the 
> details of what I need to do or to send a reply that the task is done. 
> Really, really handy.

Yes, task schedulers and reminder systems seem like a great use for 
this. Thanks.

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