[MlMt] Too many bounces?

Benny Kjær Nielsen mailinglist at freron.com
Wed Jan 30 08:38:43 EST 2019

On 28 Jan 2019, at 19:09, Bill Cole wrote:

> On 28 Jan 2019, at 3:35, Benny Kjær Nielsen wrote:
> [...]
>> I'm now at the point where I would automatically become suspicious if 
>> anyone (any webpage) seems to claim to fully understand the 
>> consequences of any kind of setup/setting related to this :-)
> There are definitely some people (maybe dozens) with very deep 
> understandings of DMARC and the consequences of all of its options, 
> but they know better than to think there's a universal right way to 
> deploy it trhat can be boiled down to a web page. I'm not one of those 
> people but I know a few of them, and none are fond of general p=reject 
> use, especially for domains used to provide mass-market retail/free 
> mailboxes. Everyone who participated significantly in the DMARC 
> definition process knew that all existing discussion group mailing 
> lists operating across independent domains would be damaged by unwise 
> use of p=reject. I'm pretty sure that some people see that as a 
> feature, either because traditional mailing list behavior is 
> inherently problematic and needs an incentive to change OR because 
> they see an opportunity to advantage their own captive discussion 
> groups. It's not accidental that the first significant mailbox 
> provider to use p=reject was Yahoo.
> The only real fix for mailing lists is to munge From headers, at least 
> for list members who have p=reject domains. Disabling bounce 
> processing is an unsustainable option and banning users in p=reject 
> domains is impractical.

Thanks for this Bill. I came to the same conclusion and it's nice to 
know that someone agrees :-)


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