[MlMt] slow/laggy UI behavior after updating from 10.13.6 -> 10.14.2

Robert Brenstein mailmate at learning-insights.eu
Mon Jan 14 13:53:50 EST 2019

On 14 Jan 2019, at 19:38, Michael Dunston wrote:

> On 11 Jan 2019, at 17:56, Eric Sharakan wrote:
>> I know you said other Apps aren't experiencing this, but there's been 
>> reports of bugginess in one of MacOS' spell-correction related 
>> processes (in both High Sierra and Mojave).  Perhaps the upgrade to 
>> Mojave tweaked your spellcheck options and exposed you to this issue.
>> Check and disable the Spelling and Grammar options in the Edit menu 
>> of MM and see if that helps.
> Thank you for the suggestion. Unfortunately disabling those options 
> does not appear to have made a difference.  Even replying to this 
> message took about 3 seconds for the new/reply message window to 
> actually open after selecting the message and typing cmmd+R, and a 
> SWOD was actually briefly displayed while typing this as the display 
> of the entered text caught up.  I’m not seeing this behavior in any 
> other apps though (even other third-party apps with 
> check-spelling-as-you-type enabled) though, unfortunately just MM it 
> seems.  Thanks for the suggestion though; I had not considered that 
> possibility.

I see a considerable difference when replying while quoting the entire 
message and quoting only a portion of it. It seems that parsing the 
HMTL/CSS or whatever to extract the relevant portion of the old mail 
requires some extra time.

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