[MlMt] Lost smart folders

Benny Kjær Nielsen mailinglist at freron.com
Fri Jan 11 10:52:21 EST 2019

On 9 Jan 2019, at 3:00, Rothaar wrote:

> The most obvious thing to do seemed to be to pull up an old copy of 
> Mailboxes.plist, and this was promising because I could see all my old 
> smart folders and associated rules in there. However, replacing this 
> file did nothing. I’ve searched the archives and tried a few other 
> things but nothing seems to fit.
> Suggestions? What should I be pulling from my backup, or is there a 
> different approach?

You found the right thing to do, but make sure MailMate is not running 
when you replace the “Mailboxes.plist” file.

If it still fails then send me the file off list and I'll look into what 
might be causing MailMate to reject it.

(recently back from vacation, sorry about the late reply)

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