[MlMt] 'Send' via keyboard?

Jason Davies ophiochoslists at gmail.com
Wed Jan 9 08:03:11 EST 2019

Hi folks

I may be missing something obvious but recent changes to the Send 
options have confused me. I want simply to be able to type a message 
then send it via a keystoke (in the old days, Command E did this). This 
recently stopped working so I went to assign a keystroke to whatever 
would do it now, but there is only 'Send Now' when I use the Help menu 
to find all relevant menu items. I always have a five minute delay as 
I'm prone to remembering things a minute after sending.

I don't see a 'Send' (and honour the default delay) option as a 
keystroke/menu. Can someone help me with this?;)

(I'm using Mailmate so I *don't*  have to use a mouse -- RSI -- so this 
is a big deal for me).

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