[MlMt] Scripting EagleFiler Archiving

Eric Sharakan esharakan at gmail.com
Mon Jan 7 10:24:58 EST 2019

This is somewhat of a tangent, but not much. :-)

Based partly on this message, I've started to look at EagleFiler for 
archiving old emails.  To play with this, I attempted to create a smart 
mailbox in MM with the condition set to "Date is not within last 24 
months".  As soon as I did, I got the spinning beachball of death, and 
MM never recovered (I let it sit for almost 10 hours).  Force quitting 
and restarting MM immediately produced the same hang.  The only way to 
get MM functioning for me again was to manually go into the 
Mailboxes.plist file and delete the offending smart mailbox definition, 
which looked like:

                 {       filter = "#date <[f] 24 months ago";
                         name = "Untitled";
                         parentUUID = "MAILBOXES";
                         set = "ALL_MESSAGES";
                         showAccounts = :true;
                         uuid = "7C890EF1-B75A-450C-8E96-6F97AB79219D";

This is running r5582.


On 3 Jan 2019, at 19:30, Rick Cogley wrote:

> Hello - I have been archiving my email using the EagleFiler bundle, 
> from
> within the useful Examples/Years sample smart folders. Just select a
> year, and use the bundle to get it into the active EagleFiler archive.
> What I’d like to do is keep up to 3 years of email in my various 
> accounts, but automatically archive anything older than that.
> I haven’t tried it but, I think I can probably make a smart folder 
> that
> shows anything older than 3 years, without trouble. Then of course I 
> can
> just select those results and use the bundle to push to EagleFiler, 
> then
> delete the emails from the MailMate smart folder, one I confirm. But 
> I’d
> like to automate it.
> How could I script this:
> * take the results of said smart folder
> * run it through the EagleFiler bundle, to a specific EagleFiler 
> archive
> * delete the results after they are archived
> Is it possible?
> Kind regards Rick
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