[MlMt] Scripting EagleFiler Archiving

Benny Kjær Nielsen mailinglist at freron.com
Wed Jan 16 09:07:25 EST 2019

On 7 Jan 2019, at 16:24, Eric Sharakan wrote:

> This is somewhat of a tangent, but not much. :-)
> Based partly on this message, I've started to look at EagleFiler for 
> archiving old emails.  To play with this, I attempted to create a 
> smart mailbox in MM with the condition set to "Date is not within last 
> 24 months".  As soon as I did, I got the spinning beachball of death, 
> and MM never recovered (I let it sit for almost 10 hours).  Force 
> quitting and restarting MM immediately produced the same hang.

I believe this one is fixed in the latest test release. Sorry about the 
inconvenience of what turned out to be a fairly recent bug. For those 
interested, it was essentially trigger by me forgetting that `tm_year` 
in the `tm` structure has an implicit offset of 1900. I think I've been 
bitten by this quirk a ridiculous number of times...

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