[MlMt] Scripting EagleFiler Archiving

Rick Cogley rick.cogley at esolia.co.jp
Thu Jan 3 19:30:12 EST 2019

Hello - I have been archiving my email using the EagleFiler bundle, from
within the useful Examples/Years sample smart folders. Just select a
year, and use the bundle to get it into the active EagleFiler archive.

What I’d like to do is keep up to 3 years of email in my various IMAP
accounts, but automatically archive anything older than that.

I haven’t tried it but, I think I can probably make a smart folder that
shows anything older than 3 years, without trouble. Then of course I can
just select those results and use the bundle to push to EagleFiler, then
delete the emails from the MailMate smart folder, one I confirm. But I’d
like to automate it.

How could I script this:

* take the results of said smart folder
* run it through the EagleFiler bundle, to a specific EagleFiler archive
* delete the results after they are archived

Is it possible?

Kind regards Rick

-- Rick Cogley
M: +81-90-9959-5452
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