[MlMt] Non MM related question about email hosting and web hosting

Rick Cogley rick.cogley at esolia.co.jp
Sun Jan 6 17:29:13 EST 2019

Hello -

> email host and simple web host for personal, non-commercial use …
> static website…
> price b/w 70-100 USD

I have been using Webfaction for a long time, but they got bought by GoDaddy, a move which I’m not comfortable with. They have been fine for both email and web/app hosting, for the many years I’ve used them and, they have great support.

That being said I’m thinking about changing to something else and both Gandi and MediaTemple look good for shared hosting. I use Hugo for many sites, and host many of those on Amazon AWS S3 with Cloudfront. It’s trivial and cheap to host static on S3. Hugo’s own Bep coded an excellent utility that works perfectly in an rsync-like way, to get your static files up to S3. https://github.com/bep/s3deploy

I’ve recently moved my private email to host on Mailfence which has good PGP support, and so far, they’ve been very clear and straight with what they can and cannot do. The support has been excellent. Their service also includes calendar, contacts and a file store, so that you can move away from something like Gmail. When I researched it, ProtonMail needs a helper app on the desktop, to allow you to use IMAP apparently, and this helper supports only certain mailers. I dropped them from consideration when I heard that, because I was set on using Mailmate and unwilling to spend the time to test.

A lot of the email services in Europe make the point about their being non-US and therefore less subject to the possibility of invasive monitoring. They all support S/MIME or PGP in their browser apps, which is a nice convenience to be able to encrypt if you’re away from your main mailer. But, to me the main point is not the availability of PGP in their apps but rather their businesses’ locations. I can use PGP in Mailmate and in Canary on iOS, without regard to service.

I would be wary of Fastmail and linked services, given what’s happening vis-à-vis privacy in Australia.

Re mailbox size, well, you’re always going to hit a limit and keep having to pay more (after all, private mail providers are businesses which are not benefiting from your attention to their ads), so I would recommend a regiment of offloading your old emails to disk, via something like EagleFiler. Some kind soul even made a bundle in MM for it.

You don’t mention the time unit for your price range but I can say:

* Mailfence is ~ USD 3-4 per month
* Webfaction has been ~ USD 10 per month
* Static site on A3 is honestly negligible if low traffic and low file volume (but, it ain’t apache so you have to get used to some things)

Re Netlify, it is indeed slick & tempting, but the free level requires payment for add-ons, such as the one that allows password protection. If you want that sort of thing included by default, it jumps to the "Team Pro" level (smallest level) @ USD 45/mo.

Just some food for thought.

Rick Cogley
M: +81-90-9959-5452

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