[MlMt] From Box doesn't give me other email options

Randall Gellens mailmate at randy.pensive.org
Sat Jan 5 20:08:58 EST 2019

On 5 Jan 2019, at 7:19, Annamarie pluhar wrote:

> Hi
> Just moved MM to my new MacBook Pro and upgraded to Mojave. As 
> instructed a month ago or so, I simply copied over all my 
> ‘plists’. Aside from Apple and Google insistence that I have an 
> app-specific password all seemed good. BUT..
> I can no longer select which email address I will be sending from. I 
> have Multiple (don’t ask!) email addresses but that the drop down 
> gives me only gmail. HELP! How do I fix this?
> (Yes Benny this is a resend, I removed the screenshot which was making 
> the message too big.
> Thanks
> Annamarie

I noticed this, too, and sent a message on December 27th (subject 
"Identities selection") but no resolution.

There is a menu item Format -> Show Identities, but selecting one that 
way doesn't seem to actually change anything (e.g., the Bcc header field 
is not updated).  However, editing the Bcc header field does seem to 
work, but must be done manually rather than by selecting an identity.


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