[MlMt] From Box doesn't give me other email options

Annamarie Pluhar annamarie.pluhar at gmail.com
Sun Jan 6 09:20:54 EST 2019

I solved it by reinstalling MM. And then I added ALL 10 of my addresses 
by hand.

Did find myself wondering if I could be using the address pattern 
recognition instead..

Annamarie Pluhar
802-579-5975 (iPhone - not good when I'm at my desk.)

On 5 Jan 2019, at 20:08, Randall Gellens wrote:

> On 5 Jan 2019, at 7:19, Annamarie pluhar wrote:
>> Hi
>> Just moved MM to my new MacBook Pro and upgraded to Mojave. As 
>> instructed a month ago or so, I simply copied over all my 
>> ‘plists’. Aside from Apple and Google insistence that I have an 
>> app-specific password all seemed good. BUT..
>> I can no longer select which email address I will be sending from. I 
>> have Multiple (don’t ask!) email addresses but that the drop down 
>> gives me only gmail. HELP! How do I fix this?
>> (Yes Benny this is a resend, I removed the screenshot which was 
>> making the message too big.
>> Thanks
>> Annamarie
> I noticed this, too, and sent a message on December 27th (subject 
> "Identities selection") but no resolution.
> There is a menu item Format -> Show Identities, but selecting one that 
> way doesn't seem to actually change anything (e.g., the Bcc header 
> field is not updated).  However, editing the Bcc header field does 
> seem to work, but must be done manually rather than by selecting an 
> identity.
> --Randall
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