[MlMt] Recover accidentally deleted emails in TRASH by change date possible?

Charlie Clark charlie at begeistert.org
Fri Dec 6 04:14:17 EST 2019

On 6 Dec 2019, at 8:21, Michael Nietzold wrote:

> Hi,
> In iPhone Apple Mail I was in my spam folder. Deleted manually bad 
> mails. selected by "select all" some remaining mails, at first i was 
> about to move them out of the spam folder, but the I remembered they 
> are moved to spam by my IMAP server and then I hit delete this emails.
> 🤷‍♂️ but somehow this deleted also many Mails from my INBOX 
> 😱 I don't know why 😭
> Now I have many 5k-10k mails in the trash folder 😥 (normal deleted 
> time before and the just now deleted) but I don't like to go through 
> all of them manually.
> My last chance is using my MailMate to solve this. But I am not at my 
> Mac just now :(
> Here are my questions:
> - I there a way to distinct the mails I deleted just now?
> - there are some IMAP header with the time of deletion or a last 
> change date?
> Any help would be nice to read

You can check the headers to see if there is anything related to spam 
but that's pretty much it, I think.


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