[MlMt] Recover accidentally deleted emails in TRASH by change date possible?

Benny Kjær Nielsen mailinglist at freron.com
Fri Dec 6 04:36:12 EST 2019

On 6 Dec 2019, at 8:21, Michael Nietzold wrote:

> - I there a way to distinct the mails I deleted just now?

If MailMate has synchronized your changes then you can find the most 
recently moved emails (to the trash mailbox) by selecting the mailbox, 
enabling the “UID” column in the message list, and then click on the 
column header to sort by UID.

UID is required to always increase in value. In other words, the order 
you are now seeing is the order in which the emails arrived in the trash 
mailbox. Now you just need to (shift-)select the range of emails and 
move them back to the mailbox you want them to be in (in which they 
will, by the way, get new UIDs for that mailbox).

I hope that helps.


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