[MlMt] Tag disappears after a few seconds of being set by a mailbox rule

Denis Ricard d.ricard at me.com
Tue Aug 27 12:16:30 EDT 2019

Hey there,
I’m experimenting with tags and set a few rules to automatically tag 
messages depending on email address. These work well in general but in a 
few instances the tag is applied when I run the rule (I see it appear in 
the message header), then a few seconds later the tag disappears. I’m 
not sure why. It seems to happen after a sync with the server. In one 
instance I change the IMAP keyword and it stopped doing that, in another 
instance is did not stop and kept deleting the tag after a few seconds.

I only have two rules at the moment, both of which had the same problem. 
They do not interfere with each other (no criteria intersects). Both 
tags are listed below in the post scriptum. The rules are of the type 
“any from address is” with specific addresses.

Anything I’m missing here? I searched the documentation and the 
archives of the list but couldn’t find anything similar.


P.S. in case it’s relevant the tag that I changed and now works was

Was deleted with:
Display name: amis
IMAP keyword: amis

Changed to and worked:
Display name: amis
IMAP keyword: friends

Was deleted with:
Display name: facture
IMAP keyword: facture

Is still deleted with:
Display name: facture
IMAP keyword: bill

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