[MlMt] Help: Defaults for Composing Are Not Persistent

Tobias Jung nd at tobiasjung.net
Mon Aug 26 13:37:53 EDT 2019

On 26 Aug 2019, at 19:32, Bruce Lynn wrote:

> Dankeschön Tobias und Gregory,
> I know how to invoke “CC”, “BCC” and “Send Later”. BTW 
> Gregory, I usually delay outgoing emails for 3 minutes but thank you 
> for an excellent suggestion. My problem is that I would like “CC”, 
> “BCC” and “Send Later” to show up/appear in the compose window 
> every time I invoke it. I enabled these, waited a minute and sent a 
> test email. When I clicked to compose a new email, the window was back 
> to the default fields of: From, To and Subject.

Umm, did you read my *second* message mentioning the "Use as default 
headers" bit?

Kind regards,

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