[MlMt] MailMate Mailing List Address Munging Question..

Billy Youdelman billy at MIX.ORG
Tue Aug 27 13:00:38 EDT 2019

I've noticed an annoying trend in how the source addresses of messages 
posted to some mailing lists (most notable Apple's) are being modified.

For instance, Denis Ricard <d.ricard at me.com> posts a note here, but it 
shows up as being from

Denis Ricard via mailmate <mailmate at lists.freron.com>

I wouldn't know where Denis actually is had he not CC'd himself.

Is this going to be how addressing will now be handled here?  If so, 
please count me as one vote to keep things as they were.  I really don't 
need any more protection from spam (having been using email since well 
before junk mail existed, I couldn't possibly get any more, heh), and 
I'd also like to retain the option of sending a reply to just an author, 

ビリー ヨーデルマん
+1 310 839 7673

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