[MlMt] attachment in headers display

Verdon Vaillancourt verdonv at gmail.com
Wed Apr 24 10:49:10 EDT 2019

On 24 Apr 2019, at 10:38, Randall Gellens wrote:

> On 24 Apr 2019, at 5:27, Zvi Biener wrote:
>> Apologies for being unclear. By "headers display", I mean the set of 
>> information that you can alter through the View->Headers menu. 
>> "Attachment information" would be, well, information about 
>> attachments. Their number and names, for example.
>> I am also skeptical that this can be accessed through the relevant 
>> plist for View->Headers, but worth asking.
> There is no standardized top-level header field for attachment 
> information.  A message with attachments has a top-level Content-Type 
> header field of multipart; each attachment is a body part with a 
> Content-Type header field and typically an Attachment-Disposition 
> header field indicating if the attachment is intended to be displayed 
> in-line versus handled as a classic attachment.  So I don't think 
> attachment information logically belongs in the header view.
> However, MailMate does have options to display information about each 
> attachment either at the top or bottom of a message.  There is also 
> the ability to display a paperclip icon for a message with an 
> attachment in the table of contents view.  If you right-click a 
> message in the table of contents view, MailMate has some contextual 
> menu items for attachments, including quick view and save.
> --Randall

Related to this, but not concerning attachments…

Is there a low-level way to hack what is displayed in the header area of 
a message view? Specifically, the company I work for uses gmail 
corporate, and a lot of  ‘delegation’ access to special accounts. In 
other words, I can login to my account and have access to send and 
receive on behalf of some generic accounts like support@ and info@ and 
so on. People using the gmail browser client can see what delegate was 
sending on behalf of that account. I of course cannot see that in 
MailMate. The delegate information is an extra field in the message’s 

Best rgds,

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