[MlMt] Delete/change email address for auto-complete list? Or a warn list?

David Shepherdson david at shepherdson.name
Tue Jun 5 07:23:08 EDT 2018

On 5 Jun 2018, at 09.39, Randall Gellens wrote:

> I've tried to get the syntax right, but it doesn't work for me.  As a 
> test, I created a rule in the global Drafts mailbox that checks if any 
> address contains either of the first two addresses I know are no 
> longer good, and if so, plays a sound (since the mailbox rule facility 
> doesn't have an action to display a message).  That works.  I tried to 
> find the file that has this rule in it so I can copy the syntax, but I 
> can't find it.  I've used grep and other search tools to find all 
> files under ~/Library/Application Support/MailMate that ends in .plist 
> and has the first known bad address in it, but the only file that 
> shows up is the messageVerifications.plist I'm trying to get right.

I would expect it to be in the Mailboxes.plist (that’s where the 
definitions of smart folders appear for me). From a quick glance at 
mine, the field to look at for the condition syntax is labelled 'filter' 
in there -- this corresponds to the 'Conditions' tab in the smart 
mailbox editor.

> Here's the syntax I'm using:
>     {
>     verifications = (
>         {
>             title      = "Sending to Bad Address";
>             details    = "Looks like this message has a known-bad 
> address as one of the recipients. Are you sure you want to send it?";
>             conditions = {
>             compound  = "Any";
>             condition = "#recipient.address = 'address1 at example1'";
>             condition = "#recipient.address = 'address2 at example2'";
>                          }
>         }
>     );
>     }

Comparing that with my messageVerifications.plist file (which is working 
for me!) and the example in the MailMate manual, I think what you have 
for ‘conditions’ might be too complex… I think it is just supposed 
to be a single string, rather than a nested structure, so to represent 
the two conditions in your case I think you’d have to put something 

     conditions = "(#recipient.address = 'address1 at example1' or 
#recipient.address = 'address2 at example2')";

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