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Benny Kjær Nielsen mailinglist at freron.com
Sun Dec 9 08:50:46 EST 2018

On 8 Dec 2018, at 20:13, Ian Petersen wrote:

>> Good mailers just have one "Re: ".  No "whatever".
> *Whatever* can be different language variants. In Danish it is ’Sv: 
> ’ (short for Svar) for example, which is perfectly valid – even in 
> reply to an English language mail. Still only one of them of course 
The use of localized prefixes is a design flaw I believe was introduced 
by Microsoft. They did not consider the consequences of doing this (or 
many other of the “changes” introduced by Microsoft).

The `Re:` prefix should not be seen as being an English word. It's a 
“symbol” (like an HTML tag).

The email client is free to *display* it localized which is what 
Microsoft should have done. And maybe MailMate will allow this to be 
done if it should some day be localized itself.

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