[MlMt] prepurchase questions from a disabled user?

Maurice Mines maurice at mauricemines.com
Thu Aug 9 11:56:58 EDT 2018

  good morning everyone, how do I set up BCC when composing a message? 
Please understand that blind. That means unfortunately answers have to 
be written?

The good news is I have figured out how to deal with two factor 
authentication. The problem is fixed. However I do have one iCloud box 
that cannot be turned into two factor about dictation simply because 
it’s a secondary Apple ID so that’s cannot add it to a machine that 
has a main Apple ID. Song trying to figure out what to do without email 

Finally hopefully there are no errors in the text of this message but I 
am dictating it to the computer. So if there are problems with this 
message please feel free to write me off list and I can clarify anything 
that wasn’t understood?

Be well everyone. Sincerely Maurice Mines.

On 7 Aug 2018, at 15:24, John Cooper wrote:

> Hi Maurice,
> You can easily create messages using the BCC field in MailMate. And 
> you can easily add new mailboxes. These can be either actual mailboxes 
> to which you can move messages yourself, or "smart" mailboxes that 
> automatically include all the messages that match the conditions you 
> choose.
> Someone else can answer your question about iCloud addresses that use 
> two-factor authentication.
> Best wishes,
> John Cooper
> Maurice Mines wrote (at 15:06 on 7 Aug 2018):
>> Hello everyone, I  deaf blind person who is about to purchase male 
>> mate. After attempting to get to the documentation, I have three 
>> questions for the list that will help me make my final decision on 
>> whether to buy the product or not.
>> The first question is is it possible to create messages with blind 
>> carbon copies in terms of mailing to a group of people but for 
>> legality and privacy reasons I cannot share everyone’s address?
>> What do I do with my iCloud email addresses, boxes that have two 
>> factor authentication  set up? Is there an easy way to enable those 
>> boxes.
>> The final question, how easy is it to add new sub boxes to the main 
>> box when I went to stay a group of email messages, such as all of the 
>> important messages for an entire quarter for instance?
>> It does seem to work very well with voiceover and a large braille 
>> display. Hopefully I can get some clear answers to my questions?
>> Thank you in advance for any assistance, and/or guidance anyone on 
>> the list can offer.
>> Maurice  Mines United States amateur radio station callsign, kd0iko
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