[MlMt] prepurchase questions from a disabled user?

Robert Brenstein mailmate at learning-insights.eu
Thu Aug 9 13:40:30 EDT 2018

There is probably a terminal command to do it but if you have someone 
around who can use the mouse, have them open the composer window (new 
message) and click on the leftmost popup menu just above the email 
editor. It contains signature popup, editing mode, and from addresses 
(if you have more than one). Have CC and BCC selected, so they have 
checkmarks upfront. The last item, use as default, will make those 
selection automatically shown for all emails. This way, you have those 
fields always available.


On 9 Aug 2018, at 17:56, Maurice Mines wrote:

>  good morning everyone, how do I set up BCC when composing a message? 
> Please understand that blind. That means unfortunately answers have to 
> be written?
> The good news is I have figured out how to deal with two factor 
> authentication. The problem is fixed. However I do have one iCloud box 
> that cannot be turned into two factor about dictation simply because 
> it’s a secondary Apple ID so that’s cannot add it to a machine 
> that has a main Apple ID. Song trying to figure out what to do without 
> email box?
> Finally hopefully there are no errors in the text of this message but 
> I am dictating it to the computer. So if there are problems with this 
> message please feel free to write me off list and I can clarify 
> anything that wasn’t understood?
> Be well everyone. Sincerely Maurice Mines.
> On 7 Aug 2018, at 15:24, John Cooper wrote:
>> Hi Maurice,
>> You can easily create messages using the BCC field in MailMate. And 
>> you can easily add new mailboxes. These can be either actual 
>> mailboxes to which you can move messages yourself, or "smart" 
>> mailboxes that automatically include all the messages that match the 
>> conditions you choose.
>> Someone else can answer your question about iCloud addresses that use 
>> two-factor authentication.
>> Best wishes,
>> John Cooper
>> Maurice Mines wrote (at 15:06 on 7 Aug 2018):
>>> Hello everyone, I  deaf blind person who is about to purchase male 
>>> mate. After attempting to get to the documentation, I have three 
>>> questions for the list that will help me make my final decision on 
>>> whether to buy the product or not.
>>> The first question is is it possible to create messages with blind 
>>> carbon copies in terms of mailing to a group of people but for 
>>> legality and privacy reasons I cannot share everyone’s address?
>>> What do I do with my iCloud email addresses, boxes that have two 
>>> factor authentication  set up? Is there an easy way to enable those 
>>> boxes.
>>> The final question, how easy is it to add new sub boxes to the main 
>>> box when I went to stay a group of email messages, such as all of 
>>> the important messages for an entire quarter for instance?
>>> It does seem to work very well with voiceover and a large braille 
>>> display. Hopefully I can get some clear answers to my questions?
>>> Thank you in advance for any assistance, and/or guidance anyone on 
>>> the list can offer.
>>> Maurice  Mines United States amateur radio station callsign, kd0iko
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