[MlMt] Question about spam / SpamSieve.

Jack Saturn jack at recdel.com
Fri May 12 17:50:32 EDT 2017

Hello all,

I am a new user as of about a month ago and loving it. I was a holdout 
still using Eudora OSE long past its expiration date, and am 
appreciating all the versatility that MailMate provides.

My question is regarding spam filtering using SpamSieve, for which I 
purchased a separate license.

I have two IMAP accounts, one at Hostgator and one at Gmail. The 
Hostgator spam messages are getting evaluated/scored just fine, but the 
Gmail spam messages aren’t. They get redirected to the Junk mailbox 
correctly, but they have “[SPAM]” appended to the beginning of their 
subject line and they don’t have a score associated.

My current process involves manually scoring the Gmail spam and then 
deleting them, but I’d like to save myself that extra step. Is there 
something I have configured wrong in my MailMate / SpamSieve 
preferences, or on the Gmail side? I’ve got my filter set up in Gmail 
per SpamSieve’s instructions.

Thanks for any help y’all may be able to provide!


Recursive Delete Audio/Visual
Portland, OR


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