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Tue May 2 16:20:55 EDT 2017

On 2 May 2017, at 17:46, Vlad Ghitulescu wrote:

> On 2 May 2017, at 9:00, Benny Kjær Nielsen wrote:
>> On 29 Apr 2017, at 17:52, Vlad Ghitulescu wrote:
>>> To recap: Wouldn't be nice to open a new email and have a pop-up 
>>> with the previous used email-adresses *regardless if the 
>>> email-messages are still in MailMate or not*?
>> I actually think the opposite is nice, but I also consider IMAP to be 
>> the primary storage of email. I would never remove sent messages.
> Did I understand you corectly: You say that you would archive 
> everything but the sent messages? Only to get all the previous 
> sender?!

I wouldn't (and I don't) archive any messages. The IMAP server *is* the 
archive. It's similar to having a cloud-based set of folders with 
emails. I'm not doing this to have “previous senders”. I'm doing 
this because this is how IMAP is intended to be used and it works well 
for me. It is, of course, fine to use it in different ways.

>> If MailMate automatically added all recipients of your sent emails to 
>> Contacts then it would behave like “previous recipients”, but I 
>> doubt anyone would want that.
> Me neither!
> But even Mail.app ;-) shows there's a more elegant way to do this by 
> keeping an internal, editable list of all the sent emails (= a subset 
> of the Contacts ;-)

If it was a “subset” then you wouldn't have a problem. (It might be 
a superset.)

> I try to summarize:
> 1. Right now the previous sender come only from the sent messages --> 
> no sent messages means no previous sender! & there's no way to edit 
> the previous sender.

That is correct, but keep in mind that having no sent messages is the 
minority case. Most IMAP users do not remove their sent messages.

> 2. A separate list of the previous sender (= sender of the previous 
> sent messages, even if they are not in the sent-messages-mailbox 
> anymore) would imply a change but will allow both caveats from point 
> 1: the previous sender stays even if the sent messages are archive AND 
> one could edit this list!

It's also redundant for people like me.

> I'm trying to wet you appetite for point 2 obviously ;-)… but I 
> really think that is a better idea?

In your use case I certainly agree that an explicit list of previous 
recipients is better. I just  don't think it's better in general :) Sent 
messages are naturally synchronized between all email clients. This 
means that even if you send an email with Apple Mail then MailMate 
learns that this is one of your previous recipients (but it doesn't work 
the other way, because Apple Mail has a separate list of previous 
recipients). The best way to “blacklist” an email address is to 
remove the corresponding emails from Sent Messages and this also 
synchronizes. The new blacklist feature in MailMate cannot do that.

Note that I don't reject the idea of *also* having an explicit list of 
“previous recipients”. You just shouldn't expect it soon.

(On vacation this week which means replies may be somewhat delayed. 
Sorry about that.)
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