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On 28 Apr 2017, at 6:23, Benny Kjær Nielsen mailinglist-at-freron.com 
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> On 25 Apr 2017, at 17:08, Richard Rettke wrote:
>> On 25 Apr 2017, at 4:34, Benny Kjær Nielsen mailinglist at freron.com  
>> wrote:
>>> I've also added a blacklist manager in the test release, but I don't 
>>> think I've gotten any feedback on it yet. I'm not sure if that means 
>>> it works well or not :) If you have an address entered in a Composer 
>>> window then there is a menu available by clicking on the down-arrow 
>>> at the far right of the address. This should show an “Add/Remove 
>>> xxx from/to Blacklist” menu item (depending on whether the email 
>>> address is already blacklisted). The same menu item is available in 
>>> the headers view of messages displayed in the main window.
>> I was unaware of this, so I downloaded and installed the latest Beta 
>> (Version 1.9.6 (5370) but do not find a down arrow at the right end 
>> of the address. Is there another 'test' version I should be 
>> downloading and if so, where to find it?
> There's no down arrow in the headers view when emails are displayed. 
> In this case you have to use right-click to see the context sensitive 
> menu. The arrow should be seen in the Composer header fields for each 
> entered email address.
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Thanks, found it!

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