[MlMt] Default columns not honored, asking again....

Helen Holzgrafe helen at holzgrafe.com
Thu Jun 29 13:45:12 EDT 2017


Thanks for the info. Already knew and regularly use the command line you 
referenced. For me it only lasts about three weeks and then I have to do 
it over again. Very annoying.

Also, I did not know Junk mail was designed not to be readily 
changeable. That's the one I need most to have my default columns. I get 
more than a thousand junk mails a day. I have to hand sort them to find 
those that are really junk and those that are from new customers, or 
people that are in my contacts list that get their mail sent to Junk 
randomly for some reason that particular day. That's another weirdness I 
should ask about, but that's a different topic.

The standard columns are inadequate for fast visual scanning for things 
like attachments. I rely heavily on "Spamsieve Score" and "Spam score" 
also.  I am still trying to figure out why some messages with very low 
scores still end up in Junk.  I usually sort my junk mail by these 
scores to quickly find the wrongly Junked mail. I can't do that if I am 
forced to use the normal columns.

I gather that there is no way for me to get "use as default columns" and 
"revert to default columns" as keyboard short cuts, either to make 
dealing with this problem a bit easier.


On 29 Jun 2017, at 4:30, Robert Brenstein wrote:

> I have had such issues with using default columns in junk, draft, and 
> sent mailboxes. I mean setting the default columns does not stick. 
> However, these three mailboxes actually need different columns for 
> practical use, so I did not fight it. The custom column settings for 
> these mailboxes stick. They just ignore the default columns.
> Ben wrote once that the only possible fix for such issues is to start 
> over with mailbox related states (column selection/width/order and 
> threading mode). That is to Quit MailMate and execute this line:
>      defaults delete com.freron.MailMate MmMailboxRelatedStates
> Then arrange the desired columns for one of the mailboxes (besides the 
> 3 above) and set the new default.
> Robert
> On 28 Jun 2017, at 22:45, Helen Holzgrafe wrote:
>> Hi,
>> I asked about the status of this annoying bug a while back.  I gather 
>> it's low priority, but I really need something to make this more 
>> bearable.
>> The problem is that I use a "standard for me" set of columns for 
>> viewing all my mailboxes.  However, they keep reverting to the 
>> "standard for mailmate" columns. It's gotten so I have to redo the 
>> columns every time I switch mailboxes.
>> I use the View>Columns>revert to Default columns about every five 
>> minutes while looking at my mail. This is highly annoying.
>> For a while, I could go to a mailbox that had my defaults columns 
>> still being honored and do View>Columns>Use as default and then some 
>> or all of my mailboxes would be okay again. Now, however, I only have 
>> two mailboxes that consistently still have those defaults.  What will 
>> I be able to do when there are none anymore?
>> Is it also possible that there is something I can do to make doing 
>> "revert to default" and "set as default" be keyboard short cuts?
>> Can I change the "real mailmate default columns" to be the ones I 
>> want permanently somehow deep inside the secret command zone of 
>> Mailmate?
>> I really like and depend on Mailmate's power and otherwise good user 
>> interface, but this constantly being pecked to death by ducks 
>> annoyance is getting me down.
>> Has anyone got suggestions?
>> -Helen
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