[MlMt] Default columns not honored, asking again....

Helen Holzgrafe helen at holzgrafe.com
Wed Jun 28 16:45:52 EDT 2017


I asked about the status of this annoying bug a while back.  I gather 
it's low priority, but I really need something to make this more 

The problem is that I use a "standard for me" set of columns for viewing 
all my mailboxes.  However, they keep reverting to the "standard for 
mailmate" columns. It's gotten so I have to redo the columns every time 
I switch mailboxes.

I use the View>Columns>revert to Default columns about every five 
minutes while looking at my mail. This is highly annoying.

For a while, I could go to a mailbox that had my defaults columns still 
being honored and do View>Columns>Use as default and then some or all of 
my mailboxes would be okay again. Now, however, I only have two 
mailboxes that consistently still have those defaults.  What will I be 
able to do when there are none anymore?

Is it also possible that there is something I can do to make doing 
"revert to default" and "set as default" be keyboard short cuts?

Can I change the "real mailmate default columns" to be the ones I want 
permanently somehow deep inside the secret command zone of Mailmate?

I really like and depend on Mailmate's power and otherwise good user 
interface, but this constantly being pecked to death by ducks annoyance 
is getting me down.

Has anyone got suggestions?


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