[MlMt] Three questions: signature on new email (doesn't work?), quick filters (/a la/ Thunderbird), filter order

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2) Quicksearch

look for the quick search modifiers:


in your case:
s <query>

PS: i have set for the search the `default mailbox` to `Current 
Mailbox`. in this case the scope of your search is only at the selected 
mailbox (mailbox folder) on the left tree view. so if you are in inbox 
then the search only in inbox. if you are at `all messages` then the 
search is in `all messages`. and when you have a `smart mailbox` then 
the search scope is the result of the conditions of the current smart 
mailbox. you can set the default mailbox when you click in the search 
and then the small dropdown arrow near the magnifier

3) the changing order is also annoying me a little :(

On 28 Jun 2017, at 15:57, Andrew V. Jones wrote:

> Hello,
> I have just moved from Thunderbird to MailMate, after experiencing 
> issues with reliability in Thunderbird. So far, my experience with 
> MailMate has been great, and I have purchased a license for it.
> However, I am still suffering three niggles …
>    1) signature on new emails: one thing I liked about Thunderbird was 
> that it could auto-insert a signature only to new emails; indeed 
> MailMate claims to support this by:
>> defaults write com.freron.MailMate MmDynamicSignatureMethod -string 
>> messageType
>    however, this really doesn’t work for me at all — I still have 
> to manually insert my signature (which is a bit annoying). Any 
> suggestions?
>    2) Is there anyway to do “quick filtering” of an inbox like in 
> Thunderbird, where it filters (quickly) based only on the subject? I 
> guess I could type in “subject:<query>” every time, but that’s 
> also not terrible efficient
>    3) Order of results: I have my inbox ordered such that the most 
> recent emails should appear at the top, and my sent items in the other 
> way (not sure why); however when I search for things, MailMate seems 
> to arbitrarily chose an order to sort the results (worse: if I 
> searching my inbox, it sorts it in the sent items order!) — does 
> anyone else see this?
> Thanks!
> Andrew
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