[MlMt] MailMate workaround for the problem of multiple Gmail labels

Topher Buck topher at indigitis.com
Sat Jun 17 14:12:24 EDT 2017

Hello, Benny,

I’m a relatively recent (few months) convert to MailMate, and I am 
still learning how to use it most effectively. One of the things I have 
not yet fully understood (or gotten comfortable with) is the 
relationship among Gmail labels, IMAP mailboxes, and MM tags. Based on 
the number of questions about this in the MM mail archive, I gather that 
it’s a pervasive problem.

I read your [Mavericks, Gmail, Apple Mail, and MailMate] 
blog post (and the related [mailing list message] 
in which you wrote, “Recently, I implemented a workaround in MailMate 
for the problem of multiple labels. It is currently an experimental 
solution and you can enable it following the instructions in the release 
notes for version 1.7.” I note that you wrote that blog post in 2013, 
and so I’m wondering if/how you have changed MM since. In particular, 
is the solution/approach you describe (“MailMate can be told to handle 
specific Gmail labels as if they were tags”) still experimental? Or 
have you since incorporated it as a standard MM feature or deprecated it 
entirely? After 3.5 years, it seems likely that you would have done one 
or the other. Since https://manual.mailmate-app.com/account_setup makes 
no mention of this, I’m not sure what to conclude.

I can imagine that you might be heartily sick of answering such 
questions, but I would sincerely appreciate any guidance you can 
provide. Thank you for creating and continuing to support MailMate.


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