[MlMt] Odd gmail behaviour

Benny Kjær Nielsen mailinglist at freron.com
Mon Jun 19 09:22:23 EDT 2017

On 16 Jun 2017, at 18:10, Vincent Danen wrote:

> I have two gmail accounts: a personal one and a (more recent) work 
> one.  No problems with the personal one but the work account is doing 
> odd things.
> When I archive a message in mailmate (using the "archive" action in my 
> keybindings), it is removed from the message list on the local 
> machine.  When I go to another mail client (the gmail app on my phone, 
> or another mailmate instance on another machine) it shows as read, but 
> not deleted.  When I look at the web ui it's all there.

This is a sign that the destination mailbox might be offline *or* that 
the destination mailbox is not fully synchronized. First check if 
anything is greyed out under SOURCES in the mailboxes list or if you 
have any persistent spinners.

You might also want to update to the latest test release as described in 
my previous email to the list (I describe a potential busy loop issue 
which could also lead to behaviour as you describe here).

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