[MlMt] Updating account information made MailMate (re)download *all* email

Adam Liter io at adamliter.org
Mon Jul 24 17:34:45 EDT 2017

FWIW, the sluggishness seems to be triggered by talking to the FastMail 
servers. I quit MailMate and reopened in order to be able to compose the 
email that I just sent. As soon as it started sending, MailMate became 
really sluggish. As I write this email, it takes about two-three seconds 
for each keystroke to register, sometimes longer.


On 24 Jul 2017, at 17:30, Adam Liter wrote:

> Hi,
> About a year later, I finally got around to setting up 2FA with 
> FastMail and using app specific passwords. Because of the experiences 
> that others mentioned in this thread, I ended up deleting my previous 
> FastMail IMAP account in MailMate as well as deleting the messages in 
> `~/Library/Application Support/MailMate/Messages/IMAP/`. I then added 
> a new IMAP account to MailMate with the new FastMail servers and 
> app-specific password.
> Nonetheless, I'm still experiencing the sluggishness that Sherif 
> mentioned:
>> And now MailMate is extremely sluggish in starting up, and will often 
>> freeze on startup. The duplicate message happened as it struggled 
>> with this cycle.
> I have MailMate running on two Macs, and it is happening on both 
> computers. If I quit MailMate and start it again, everything behaves 
> fine for a little bit of time, but then MailMate becomes *really* 
> sluggish with every action (typing text in the composer, opening 
> emails, rendering the previews of emails, etc.). It's making MailMate 
> completely unusable.
> I'm probably going to reinstall MailMate and see if starting fresh 
> helps, as mentioned in this thread. However, I wanted mention this in 
> case there's anything I could do to help debug this, Benny, while I'm 
> still experiencing the problem.
> -Adam
> On 14 Sep 2016, at 18:25, Adam Liter wrote:
>>>> Now, it looks like this should be ok with FastMail, but then it 
>>>> seems something else happened. The redownloading of emails indicate 
>>>> that the `UIDVALIDITY` value changed of each mailbox. Each email is 
>>>> uniquely identified using the `UIDVALIDITY` of the mailbox and the 
>>>> `UID` of the message. If the `UIDVALIDITY` value of a mailbox 
>>>> changes then MailMate MUST delete its local cache of emails and 
>>>> then fetch the “new” messages of the mailbox. There is no way 
>>>> to tell MailMate to ignore `UIDVALIDITY` changes.
>>>> Hmm, MailMate should also warn you when the latter happens which 
>>>> makes me think that this might be a MailMate bug after all. I have 
>>>> a FastMail test account and I'll note to test what happens when I 
>>>> do as you describe. Sorry about the inconvenience if this turns out 
>>>> to be a bug.
>>> I did not see any other warnings besides that first one.
>> For what it's worth (probably not much), this just happened to me 
>> with iOS Mail. I updated to iOS 10 last night. So perhaps it is more 
>> of a FastMail problem, rather than a MailMate problem? Note that I 
>> haven't set up 2FA with FastMail, however. So I'm not really sure how 
>> helpful/relevant this anecdote is.
>> -Adam
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