[MlMt] IMAP "not connected" Problem error message

Benny Kjær Nielsen mailinglist at freron.com
Tue Jan 31 08:34:51 EST 2017

On 23 Jan 2017, at 19:18, Harvey Leff wrote:

> ...
> MailMate encountered the following error: "Server response: " D 3 BAD 
> User is authenticated but not connected.".".
> Mailbox: Archive
> ...
> The Mailbox line is sometimes different, being either
> Mailbox: ".mailboxlist"   or   Mailbox: "INBOX"

I don't know what `.mailboxlist` is, but maybe it's a candidate for 
something you should unsubscribe using “Edit Subscriptions” in the 
IMAP account editor. I won't fix this issue though.

> Sometime the last line is blank, where upon the "Try Later" button is 
> not present. I can get past the difficulty by choosing the Retry 
> button. Then MailMate checks my mail, which takes an extended period 
> of time, perhaps 10-15 seconds. Then the problem is gone until the 
> computer sleeps for an extended period of time (I'm not sure how long 
> that must be to produce the problem.)
> Why is this occurring and how can it be corrected? For the record, the 
> Spark email client does not have this problem. Spark is a much 
> inferior product compared to MailMate, BUT it does retrieve my 
> messages nearly instantaneously, with no error messages. Thanks.

It sounds like this is an issue with the IMAP interface to Exchange. 
MailMate has authenticated with the IMAP server, but the server has lost 
its connection to the back end (Exchange). If Spark supports Exchange 
natively then that might explain the difference in behavior.

It might be that MailMate could/should retry automatically before 
reporting an error. I can learn more with a set of logs Open the 
Activity Viewer (⌥⌘0) and keep it open during a sequence of what you 
describe (including before/after sleeping). Then use “Help ▸ Send 
Server Logs” to send me the results.

Thanks in advance.

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