[MlMt] Tags/Keywords and Gmail Labels

Jim McCarty huckncatch at gmail.com
Sat Sep 10 16:42:16 EDT 2016

On 9 Sep 2016, at 7:17, Benny Kjær Nielsen wrote:

> On 9 Sep 2016, at 9:03, Jim McCarty wrote:
>> While playing around with tags/keywords and Gmail labels, I found 
>> that applying a label to a group of messages in a folder (22 of them, 
>> there are 3 in sent messages that are not selected), then adding the 
>> Gmail Label to the tag preference entry, all of the emails disappear. 
>> I can't find them using tags or searching for the prefix applied to 
>> the subject of all the list emails. Removing the Gmail label from the 
>> tag entry allows them to be found again.
>> If I do this over and over, I get a couple different results. 
>> Sometimes after applying the tag and then adding the Gmail label,
> Setting the label server side?

No, this is adding the Gmail Label in MM Tags Preferences.

>> the smart mailbox I have set to look for the tag shows messages that 
>> are in the sent folder (the 3 messages) but none of the messages I 
>> selected and added the label to. When I remove the Gmail Label from 
>> the tag preference entry, the messages reappear but sometimes they no 
>> longer have the tag/keyword attached, sometimes they do.
>> I did one run where I made sure only the 22 messages had the tag and 
>> the 3 sent messages did not but adding the Gmail label to the tag 
>> preference prevented access to the 22 messages and showed the 3 sent 
>> messages as having the tag applied (only the 22 messages showed in 
>> the smart mailbox prior).
>> I'm not sure if I'm doing something wrong or there's some kind of bug 
>> in the app. I would appreciate if someone else could try these steps 
>> and see if they get similar results or can point out something I'm 
>> missing.
> You have probably found some bug(s). I don't think changing Gmail 
> label mappings in the Tags preferences pane is 100% robust. It might 
> some times require relaunching MailMate before the changes are 
> updated. Also, it might take some time before changes done server side 
> propagate to MailMate. It's all a bit tricky to get to work properly, 
> especially because “[Gmail]/All Mail” is involved.
> Debugging is easier if you can describe as simple steps as possible to 
> reproduce an issue with a single message (if possible). Then I can try 
> to reproduce it.

The steps are pretty simple.
1) select a message in a Gmail folder. I chose a folder with 22 
messages, none of the messages have the Tag applied and can be seen by 
creating a smart mailbox that looks for the Tag (it is empty)
2) add the Tag to the message -- the Tag should not have anything in the 
Gmail Label column
3) verify the message shows in the smart mailbox that shows messages 
with the Tag
4) add the Gmail Label to the Tag in Preferences

What I see after step 4 is the message no longer is shown in the smart 
mailbox. What does show in there are 3 messages I sent ([Gmail]/Sent 
Mail) to the mailing list the Gmail folder was for. They now have the 
tag applied but not by me.

Removing the Gmail Label from the Tag brings the original message back 
plus the 3 messages that correspond to the 3 sent messages, they now 
have the Tag applied, too. I now have 7 messages showing in the smart 

Thanks, Jim

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