[MlMt] Cannot delete 4000 messages. Instead, they get moved, and become un-deletable.

Roger Bohn r2newslet at gmail.com
Thu May 5 22:49:20 EDT 2016

I have trouble deleting from MM. It has worked in the past, but not 

Sequence of events:
1. I had about 4200 messages in Deleted Messages folder.
Question: Do these ever get deleted automatically? Apparently not.

2. I selected 4000 of them, and hit the “delete” key on my Mac. In 
the past, this has purged messages from the Deleted Messages folder, and 
from the server.

3. The messages did not disappear from the DM folder. Instead, they 
changed color to red, *and were moved back to their original folder!* 
Call that folder STUFF. So now I have approx 4000 messages in the STUFF 
folder from which they had been deleted, days or weeks ago. I have about 
200 messages in the DM folder.

4. The Activity Viewer window has a lot of lines that look like this:

13:42:28 S: * 83 FETCH (UID 203544 FLAGS (\Seen))
13:42:28 S: * 84 FETCH (UID 203545 FLAGS (\Seen))
or like this:
13:42:27 S: * 152 FETCH (UID 219915)
13:42:27 S: * 153 FETCH (UID 219988)
13:42:27 S: * 154 FETCH (UID 220302)
13:42:27 S: * 155 FETCH (UID 220303)
The Activity Viewer active window now shows:

5. Looking into the STUFF folder, I have 4000 red messages, plus 900 
messages that were there earlier today. *Attempting to delete these 
messages does nothing - they remain in STUFF, and they remain red.*

What am I doing wrong? How do I get MailMate to delete messages from the 
server, and from my Mac?
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