[MlMt] Controlling where sent messages that are NOT replies get saved

Sam Hathaway list.mailmate at munkynet.org
Sat Jan 30 11:50:16 EST 2016

Maybe I’m just being dense, but I still have a gap in my understanding 
about how to keep sent mail out of the “Sent” mailbox. Please bear 
with me.

Here’s what I know:

* Setting MmMoveSentRepliesToMailboxOfRepliedMessage to TRUE takes care 
of making sure that if I reply to a message in “Folder A”, the reply 
gets saved to “Folder A” as well.

* Setting MmAddressCompletionMailbox to the UUID of a smart mailbox I 
created that contains all messages “From” any of my email addresses 
takes of making completions work.

My remaining problem is:

* When I compose a new message and send it, the sent message gets saved 
to my “Sent” folder.

* I tried to fix this by giving each account’s INBOX the Mailbox Type 
“Sent Messages”. But when I do that, MailMate forces the message 
list for each INBOX to show the “To” column, and I can’t uncheck 
that column.

* I also considered using MmSentMailbox, but that appears to be a global 
setting (not a per-account setting) and I need sent messages to go to 
the inbox of the account they were sent from.

So my question is:

* How can I make MailMate save sent messages that are NOT replies in the 
INBOX of the account they were sent from, without forcing the INBOX to 
have a “To” column?


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